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Our Doctors

Dr. Yousef Shanti
Ophthalmology Consultant
Head of the ophthalmology department

Dr. Rzan Malhis
Hematologist -Oncologist

Dr. Wafiq Othman
Anesthesiologist and Intensive Care Consultant

Dr. Qusay Abdoh
Specialist in Gastroenterology and Hepatology And Endoscopy

Dr. Dina Abu gaber
Consultant internal medicine and intensive care
Head of Medical Intensive Unite

Dr. Sajed Majadlah
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Khaled Demyati
General and Laparoscopic Surgery Consultant

Dr. Abdelkarim Mahmoud
Chief Medical Officer. General and Laparoscopic Surgery Consultant
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Iyad Maqboul
General and Laparoscopic Surgery Specialist

Dr. Ahmad Dalbah
Consultant general, breast and reconstructive surgery

Dr. Mahmoud Mattar
Urology Consultant