Anesthesia Clinics

This clinic is dedicated to evaluating patients before undergoing surgery and anesthesia. Patients receive all the necessary information to prepare for the operation, and all required tests are conducted free of charge. Any questions or inquiries are addressed by the anesthesiologist.
The Anesthesia Clinics also offer a comprehensive Pulmonary Function Test (PFT):
This test assesses the efficiency of a patient's lung performance. It measures the amount of air the lungs can hold, the speed at which air is inhaled and exhaled, and the effectiveness of the lungs in exchanging gases with the blood and removing carbon dioxide.
The test includes three main examinations:
  • Single Breath Diffusion
  • Body plethysmography
  • Forced Spirometry
The clinic operates from Sunday to Thursday
You can contact the clinic at 0592444685 for any inquiries or appointments. For further assistance, please call the hospital at the internal extension 1529.