The Orthopedic Clinic at An-Najah University Hospital is dedicated to providing the latest services in prevention, diagnosis, surgery, and treatment. They offer high-quality care for patients with bone surgeries, fractures, accidents, and those in need of joint replacement procedures. The clinic has a specialized fracture fixation room with high readiness and skilled doctors.
The clinic provides a range of clinical procedures, including::
  • Casting (application and removal of POP)
  • Dressing
  • Ingrowing toenail removal 
  • Joint and tendon injections

The clinic treats and monitors various orthopedic cases, including: 

  • Pre-operative and post-operative follow-up for different orthopedic surgeries
  • Accidents and fractures of varying degrees
  • Arthritis and joint inflammation
  • Recurrent joint dislocations


Doctor's Clinics

Dr. Mazen Abdallah

  • Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  • 9am-2pm