:Chair of Urology Center of Excellence 
د. فارس عاصم أبو شما
Dr. Faris Abushamma



To provide exceptional and comprehensive academic, research and clinical services in the field of urology.


To be a leading urology center of excellence that is recognized for its uncompromising commitment to excellence in clinical care, education, and research.


Department of NNUH urology center of excellence and the provided services:

  • Clinical research unit (CRU):

  1. The impact of lower urinary tract symptoms on the quality of life during pregnancy: a cross-sectional study from Palestine.https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/s12894-020-00761-9

  2. Recommendations and algorithm to deal with urological surgeries in the Middle East during COVID-19 Pandemic: Review article and regional expert opinion

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  30. Management of ureteric stone in the main referral hospital in Palestine: a retrospective de-scriptive study https://pmpj.najah.edu/journal/vol7/iss2/7/

  • Outpatient services:

  1. Outpatient clinics unit 
  2. Functional urology and urodynamics unit 
  3. Fertility and Andrology unit 
  4. Flexible urology scopes unit 
  5. Counselling and patient education unit


  • Inpatient services:

  1. Treating kidney and urinary tract stones using laser and flexible endoscopes.
  2. Prostate enlargement treatment operations using the latest international techniques.
  3. Urinary incontinence operations in women.
  4. Pediatric urology operations. 
  5. All types of kidney and urinary tract tumor surgeries.
  6. Laparoscopic operations related to the urinary tract.
  7. Operations to treat erectile dysfunction and infertility in men.
  8. Emergency services to treat emergency cases.


NNUH urology center of excellence structure

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