Available Services:

  • Providing appropriate therapeutic nutrition for various patient conditions based on their nutritional assessment
  • Selecting suitable foods for the patient and avoiding allergenic substances
  • Supervising the provision of healthy, clean, and balanced meals at specified times, with the possibilty of making any adjustments to the menu and consistency if swallowing is difficult
  • Developing individualized dietary plans based on body measurements, nutritional needs, lifestyle, food preferences, and health issues
  • Meeting the individual's nutritional needs for all food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, in quantities and types that align with the person's health and dietary condition and match their eating habits
  • Excelling in providing nutritional care, visiting the patient, monitoring their food preferences, and assessing their acceptance of the provided meals
  • Collaborating with the medical team and monitoring positive or negative developments in the patients' health on a daily basis, adjusting their meals accordingly
  • Contributing to patient education regarding their nutritional needs and a healthy lifestyle, and providing dietary recommendations upon discharge from the hospital