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NNUH is the first educational medical centre in Palestine. We are distinguished in providing healthcare services and supporting education in the health fields and various scientific research, under the motto "One Team... One Goal... Patient Comes First".

An-Najah National University Hospital (NNUH) opened in 2014.  More than 1400 male and female students from various medical specialties, along with 88 specialists and more than 55 resident physicians joined forces to provide medical services in nephrology, oncology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, internal medicine, general and specialized surgery, and emergency.

We are committed to providing the best services to patients and their families, and we continuously aspire to improve the hospital's services by adopting international standards in the healthcare field and listening to the feedback and recommendations of patients and their families.

Dr. Iyad Maqboul

Acting of CEO

Our Mission

The First Educational Medical Centre in Palestine

NNUH was founded to be the first educational medical centre in Palestine that promotes quality and excellence in the provision of health services, supports education in medical fields, and advances scientific research. 

Our Values

We Care for You and Your Health

  • Innovation

  • Empathy

  • Respect

  • Accountability

  • Excellence

Patients' Testimonials

Patient and Family Evaluations of the NNUH Experience.

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Patient Satisfaction

To whom it may concern: I am writing in regards to my interest in applying for the position of "Medical Doctor" at Department of Oncology and Hematology, An – Najah National University Hospital. With my enthusiasm for healthcare I believe I would offer value to your healthcare team. I recently received my medical degree from Cairo University "Kasr Al-Ainy" with "Excellent with honors" where I was trained in the fundamentals of patient care and understanding medical practices including diagnostics, treatments and medical record keeping. Moreover, I gained experience in my Internship year by learning about the inner workings of a hospital and gaining an understanding of different medical procedures. I'm tremendously interested in Oncology field. I recently started working on different research papers regarding biliary tract cancers, colon cancer, gastric and GEJ cancer. Moreover and in regards of this field, I'm eager to continue learning and developing my skills in the medical practice. I believe I can significantly contribute and be a valuable addition to your hospital and make positive impact as part of your professional team. In addition to that, I believe my enthusiasm for helping others will make an assist to your hospital. I'm eager to discuss my qualifications and experience in further detail. Thank you for your time and considerations. Sincerely, Maram Abuajamieh

Maram Abuajamieh

I, patient Duaa Saqr, would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Ali Abu Zar for the facilitation he provides us with in scheduling appointments and assisting Gaza patients. He has consistently stood by all the patients and never hesitated to offer help, especially in the challenging circumstances we are living in under the suffocating blockade. I extend my thanks to the hospital and its staff for their dedication to serving all patients. I pray to God for your success and that He guides you to what He loves and is pleased with.

Duaa Saqr

Whoever does not thank people, does not thank God." I, Ahmed Alaa Al-Gharbawi, express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the medical team, represented by Dr. Razan Ouda, and the supervising team of doctors, as well as the nursing staff in the surgery department at Al-Najah University Hospital. I extend my gratitude for their tremendous efforts during my hospitalization period. Their teamwork was both enjoyable and remarkable, and it had the greatest impact, by the grace of God, in overcoming the critical phase of my health condition. This team has a spirit of compassion and excellent service, making patients and their companions feel at home. In general, Al-Najah National Hospital was the ideal and best choice for treating my condition.

Ahmed Alaa Al-Gharbawi

I extend my heartfelt thanks to the medical team at Al-Najah Hospital, with special mention to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit team, for the care and attention they provided to my son. I appreciate their kind treatment and their professionalism, ensuring that the child does not feel alienated or uncomfortable in the hospital. Your hands are blessed.

Ola Abu Muneef

Thanks to An-Najah National University Hospital for their excellent treatment. I would like to specifically mention Dr. Ahmed Jeradat, Dr. Mohammed Jaber, Dr. Amir Al-Aghbar, Dr. Abdullah Matar, and Nasr, the operating room nurse. I also want to express my gratitude to the day therapy team and both Ahmed Zeidan and Ahmed Badir. Special thanks go to the registration staff, Mohammed Al-Bishaawi.

Omar Ismael Mohammad Allami

I am Jalal Shaqeer, I used to accompany my father at this hospital. When I come to the hospital, I am pleasantly surprised by the continuous improvements, which have made the experience better and better. Therefore, I can only express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the oncology department in general, and specifically to Ms. Naela Zaitawi for her excellent treatment and expertise in her work. I would also like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Hussam Salama. After witnessing the diligent care provided to my father and all the patients, I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Ali Abu Zer in the transfer department. Thanks and respect to all the doctors, nurses, both males and females, and all the staff at the hospital.

Jalal Khadr Abdul-Raouf Shaqeer

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Common Inquiries

We share with you the commonest inquiries

We attach the frequntly asked questions here. We hope you find the answers sufficient and comprehesive. We assure you that your inquiries and suggestions are all welcome.

In the event that you want to reschedule your appointment, please contact us quicly and we will try to set a new date that perfectly suits you. Scheduling appointments quickly allows us to serve other patients.

Yes, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, digital X-ray, and a colour visual imaging device are all available.

  • The patient must be referred from a government hospital and have an official referral. Coordination with the Ministry of Health is also required, and the report should be dated on the date of admission.   
  • The patient must be holding a Palestinian ID and have a valid health insurance. Copies of all available documents and medical reports are submitted. In case the insurance is not valid, a copy of the insurance is taken and the patient's family is informed of the necessity to provide a valid health insurance and follow up with the medical referral department. 
  • The initial referral, the valid insurance, and the patient's ID are sent to the medical transfer department at the government hospital from which the patient was referred in order to process the coverage. 

NNUH is located on Asira Street, next to the Academy of the Holy Quran, in the city of Nablus, Palestine. 

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