Dr. Abdulkareem Saymeh

Dr. Abdul Karim Sayma has been practicing general medicine since 2013. He is a specialist in pediatrics, neonatology, and pediatric intensive care. Currently, he works in the Pediatrics Department at Al-Najah National University Hospital.
Dr. Abdul Karim studied general medicine at Al-Najah National University and graduated in 2013. He specialized in pediatrics and neonatology, completing his residency at NNUH in 2019. He further pursued subspecialty training (Canadian Fellowship) in pediatrics at McMaster University.

  • He holds a Bachelor of Medicine degree from Al-Najah National University, awarded in 2013.
  • He specialized in pediatrics and neonatology at NNUH in 2019.
  • He obtained a Canadian Fellowship in Pediatric Intensive Care at McMaster University.
  • He is board-certified in pediatrics by the Palestinian Medical Council.