About Us

AnNajah National University Hospital Since 2013

Vision and mission

One Team... One Goal... Patient Comes First

NNUH provides services to patients from the northern governorates and the Gaza Strip.  The medical services include treatment for kidney diseases, tumors, heart and cardiac surgery, internal medicine, general and specialized surgeries, and emergency medicine. 
Our vision

NNUH aspires to become a fully fledged medical centre and the preferred destination for patients and healthcare professionals in Palestine. 


NNUH was established to be the first academic medical centre in Palestine aimed at enhancing the quality and excellence in healthcare services, supporting education in health fields, and advancing scientific research. 

NNUH Introductory video

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Our History

The Stages of Establishing NNUH



The Establishment of An-Najah National University Hospital

At the end of 2013, the first phase of the project began with an area of 17000 square metres, including 100 beds and four operating and emergency rooms. The hospital was inaugurated in 2014.



The Expansion of Surgical Services

Several departments in the hospital expanded, and new departments opened, including an expansion of surgical services. This allowed the hospital to perform a variety of surgeries, including organ trasplantations, eye surgeries, corneal surgery and transplantation, open-heart surgeries, advanced liver surgeries, bone surgeries, and general surgery.



Advancements in the Oncology Department

The hospital has made advancements in areas related to oncology and spinal cord, pediatric treatment, blood diseases, women's health, including breast cancer and cosmetic surgery, kidney treatment, and vascular diseases. The hospital is currently the only centre for bone marrow transplantation for leukemia treatment in adults and soon for children as well.



The Institute for Education and Clinical Training & the Clinical Research Centre

The Clinical Education and Training Centre has opened for students to continue and enhance their academic process within the educational hospital. Additionally, a Clinical Research Centre has been launched to undertake scientific research, including collaborative research to find scientific and practical solutions in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of health conditions affecting the Palestinian community, and to develop global research outcomes that align with the scientific research objectives of the centre.



The Joint Commission International Accreditation for Healthcare Quality Services

The hospital has achieved the distinction of being the first Palestinian academic medical center accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for Healthcare Quality Services. This accreditation was granted based on the hospital's commitment to the JCI's assessment standards, which primarily focus on three main aspects:

  1. The first aspect pertains to the direct care and safety of patients.
  2. The second aspect centers around the hospital's administrative system.
  3. The third aspect involves standards for student training and development, in addition to scientific research.



The University's Centre for Kidney and Urology Surgery

The opening of the University's Centre for Kidney and Urology Surgery is a significant addition to NNUH, the university, and healthcare services in Nablus and the entire country. This development took place in 2022 alongside the expansion of the emergency department. The centre provides comprehensive medical services under one roof which eliminates the need for patients to endure the hassle and costs of travel or even intermittent treatment. Additionally, the centre plays a fundamental role in training university students and interns to become highly qualified professionals.



Kidney Disease Treatment Centre

Over the years, the hospital has witnessed a significant development in the services provided, including several expansions. These expansions have included the completion of the first phase of constructing a new building spanning 3,000 square meters. The Kidney Disease Treatment Centre houses 100 hemodialysis beds and 6 peritoneal dialysis beds, divided into four sections. This allows for operations to run with up to four shifts per day.

Our Values

The set of principles adopted by NNUH


- We welcome new ideas and approaches

- We promote the idea of change for the better

- We support scientific research

- We contribute to staff training


- We care for you and your health (Patient comes First)

- We deal with everyone gently

- We support each other

- We respect the privacy and dignity of others


- We take responsibility for collective performance

- We take responsibility for individual performance

- We strive to optimize the use of our resources

- We support transparency in our work


-‏ We deal with everyone fairly

- We respect the individuality of each person

- We do not tolerate inappropriate behavior

- We actively listen to others


- We take pride in securing the safety of everyone
- We provide high-quality services
- We constantly aspire to improve our services
- We learn from our mistakes

Administrative Board

The operational tasks are handled by an experienced administrative team

Prof. Rami Hamdallah


Dr. Abdul Raheem Hanbali


Dr. Waleed Sweidan


Prof. Rifaat Safadi


Dr. Khairieh Rassas


Dr. Khaleel Issa


Dr. Abdulsalam Khayyat


Dr. Iyad Maqboul


Dr. Mohammed Jaber

Chief Medical Officer

Mr. Hamza Kharouf

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Nabeel Salameh

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mr. Mahmoud Harasha

Chief Financial Officer

Ibrahim Zubaidi

Chief of Nursing Administration

Dr. Husam Salameh

Chief of AN-Najah Cancer center

Dr. Faris Abu Shama

Acting of Center of Excellence

Mrs. Shereen Amoudi

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Dania Ghazal

Medical Office Coordinator