The Importance of the Achievement

The significance of this achievement lies in increasing confidence in the results of tests, measurements, and calibrations issued by medical laboratories and their implementation in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Consequently, this leads to greater satisfaction among patients and service recipients regarding the laboratory services provided.


The Medical Laboratories at NNUH Have Obtained the International Accreditation Certificate "ISO 15189."

An-Najah National University Hospital has obtained the accredited compliance certificate for medical laboratories from the Palestinian Accreditation Unit, in accordance with the international reference standard "ISO 15189." These are international standards that verify the efficiency and integrity of laboratories in healthcare institutions, and they are developed and updated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
To obtain this accreditation, there is a commitment to implementing all technical and administrative requirements by the medical laboratories in the hospital, which include:
  • Identifying and evaluating risks and providing preventive measures to minimize errors that may occur in the laboratories.
  • Ensuring the competency of staff through control of assessment and training processes.
  • Establishing a quality management system and continuous improvement.
  • Evaluating measurement uncertainties.
  • Ensuring the competence of laboratory equipment and devices used.
  • Ensuring the quality of pre-examination processes, including the process of sample collection, transport, reception, and rejection.
  • Ensuring the quality of analytical processes, including the selection and verification of measurement methods and proving their effectiveness.
  • Ensuring the validity of results and the accuracy of result reports.

The outstanding efforts of all the hospital staff have led to the achievement of the "ISO 15189" certificate. This accomplishment reflects the hospital's vision to enhance all aspects of the healthcare system, promote the quality of healthcare services, improve operational, research, and academic levels, and continue the journey of success and excellence that has accompanied Al-Najah National University's path over the past decades.