Dr. Yunis Daralammouri

Dr. Yunis Daralammouri

Cardiologist and Rhythmologist Consultant

Head of the Cardiac and Catheterization Section

Professor Younes Daralammouri practices medicine as a consultant in cardiology, interventional cardiology, and heart transplantation. He currently serves as the Head of the Cardiology and Catheterization Department at An-Najah National University Hospital.
He studied general medicine at the University of Hamburg in Germany and specialized in cardiology and arteries. He obtained his doctorate in heart pacemakers in Germany.


Additional Skills: 

Professor Younis is proficient in both the German and English languages.

  • He is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah National University.
  • Holds a Bachelor's degree in General Medicine from the University of Hamburg in Germany.
  • An Assistant Professor in Cardiology.
  • A consultant in heart pacemaker implantation.
  • A consultant in interventional cardiology.
  • Holds a specialization certificate in cardiology and vascular diseases from Germany.
  • Obtained his doctorate in cardiac transplantation from universities in Germany.
  • A member of the German and European Societies of Cardiology and Vascular Diseases.
  • Holds both German and European board certifications in interventional cardiology.
  • Holds both German and European board certifications in heart pacemaker implantation.