Hospital Establishment

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Najah National University Hospital was established in 2013 in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at An-Najah National University. The University Hospital is now the leading academic institution in the field of health care in Palestine. Since the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine at the University in 1999, the University has achieved tremendous achievements in raising the level of medical care and health sciences provided to the Palestinian people, the most recent being the establishment of the Najah National University Hospital in Nablus.

The University Hospital is a non-private and non-profit hospital, the only teaching hospital in Palestine that provides education and health care and provides space for medical research and training, while providing students with the best scientific environment and the most up-to-date infrastructure for learning and development. With the city of Nablus as the second largest Palestinian city in the West Bank, with more than 340,000 people, and in the center of northern towns and cities, the city is the main hub for medical services for more than a million people. With only 24 government hospitals in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the number of hospital beds for the entire Palestinian population is one bed per 1,000 inhabitants. Thus, the existence of this disparity pushed the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Al-Najah University to start building Al Najah National University Hospital in 2008, thus establishing the first university hospital in Palestine.

With 120 beds in an area of ​​17,000 square meters, the hospital includes a fully equipped intensive care unit, an emergency room, a dialysis department, an X-ray and ultrasound department and a class photograph. The hospital provides services for very complex cases requiring cardiac care and eye surgery, including corneal and corneal transplantation. The hospital provides advanced liver surgery, general surgery and orthopedic surgery, as well as hospital care for children, including Advanced spinal surgery, pediatric cancer and pediatric diseases, as well as many advanced and modern services. Al Najah National University Hospital is currently the only provider of medical services related to advanced electrical physiology, complex open heart surgery, and great bone marrow transplantation for both adults and children to treat leukemia, making the hospital the most advanced and modern health and medical service provider in Palestine. , In the future patients from all over the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Although the hospital was established just three years ago, it has grown rapidly and dramatically, becoming the scientific medical destination for many Palestinian consultants, specialists, experts and nurses, and attracting large numbers of students from around the world. It is worth noting that Najah National University Hospital has one branch branch in Al Ittihad Hospital, a 25-bed oncology unit for both children and adults.